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As a fan of 8 ball pool, as 8 ball pool Rewards game player and as a curious person by nature, I have always wondered about the similarities and dissimilarities that occur between two sports or leisure activities such as 8 ball pool Rewards games and chess. 

After a prolonged period of eight years without being able to practice the sublime game of sports that is 8 ball pool Rewards games, I made a clear decision: “You must do something that brings you, as far as possible, to your favorite hobby / obsession even if you can not, to this day, practice it. “

After a period of time scanning a foggy and undefined intellectual horizon, like a painting of a Venetian school, a door was opened to me in the form of chess pieces, sketches, jaques and gambitos.

 The bar that I frequent under my house had a series of fans who played daily to that devilish labyrinth that is chess. With my innate shame, I would say that genetics, I started to approach. 

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First I asked if it bothered them to look. Not at all, they answered. When asked if I knew how to play, I answered with the truth: I can move the pieces and a tad, just a tad more.

Soon he played a few games with those fans if a rival was delayed or did not appear. They competed for teams throughout Navarre. True fans who spent a lot of their leisure time learning, teaching and competing in a world unknown to me.

Losing once after another happened like the angels. I learned a little each day and, even falling, each time it was less easy to give me mate, although sooner or later my monarch was slapped against the battlefield.

At the beginning of the season they proposed me to join the team. Horror!

Contribute in 8 Ball pool Rewards game

What am I going to contribute to a serious set of chess players? A lot: staff was missing and a wild card was needed. And with the one not decided by response to such an odd offer, I realized the opportunity that was offered to me and I had not seen first:

why not use that experience to verify in the first person the assonances and dissonances between two activities with So many common factors? The absence of physical effort as it is understood in mass sports, silence, the undeniable intellectual component of both disciplines … and the chair. That wonderful or terrifying chair.

Little by little, as my participation in those leagues progressed without defeat for being the last of the team and not facing strong rivals, I began to draw different conclusions based on my short experience with chess competition. 

The first one was overwhelming: if we could not get up from the chair during a meeting I would not have endured that first game.

I felt an extraordinary restraint to avoid bothering the opposite, to which you have stuck your nose, only separated by a small playing field, perhaps battle.

It seemed to me especially complicated what to do with the eyes, with the look. I did not know if it was dirty game to look at the opponent fixedly or not, I decided that it should not be very well seen. So, where the fuck should he look? To the board, of course. 

But it was very hard because I did not count, I do not count, with enough knowledge or skill or talent to throw me a quarter of an hour observing a position and try to extract something similar to a game plan. 

That was solved in two minutes. This is chess when you play like I do. Direct, attacker.

 Go, like a tarugo.

“But how it hooks!” I thought. I had so many similarities to 8 ball pool Rewards games that I was certainly amazed. 

That whimsical chair, which can be a comfortable sofa when the game goes as you planned, became a fakir mattress to be one the besieged, the insecure, who has advanced a pawn ahead of time and has left it in the hands of the beasts. 

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Similarities in 8 Ball pool Reward game

Similar to when you have defended badly in 8 ball pool Rewards games and the sky is opened to the rival and you deny, silently, of your skill, intelligence and talent.

How is it possible to attend or master all that flow of sensations, good or bad, sitting in a small chair? How to deal with a brutal rise in pulsations without the possibilities offered by traditional sports? Being careful, we will say that the problem is of the first magnitude to try to develop everything you have in your head and hands. 

Therefore, the conclusion seemed clear to me: in those sports in which physical effort is not as relevant as in others, the value of what happens in the brain and its consequences in our physique is multiplied exponentially.

In the same way, I could see how the small or big tricks that a player can use to influence the concentration of his opponent are exactly the same in both battles.

I prefer to leave aside that dark side of our games for now, so as not to give too much importance to that aspect of the sport, of course, neither healthy nor uplifting. Knowing that it exists and being used seems to me enough.

The following coincidence that I internalized: how to coexist with the error, with the unforeseen failures? Beyond that they are produced causing an earthquake in your plans or that only a bushel disrupts them, it never stopped impressing me the accuracy of the consequences in both games.

 No admissible physical reaction, mental torture, capacity for acceptance and reaction, search for excuses what great danger, force to forget or weakness to overcome. And in the chair!

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I must explain an event, in my opinion, determinant. This series of reflections are not exclusively relevant at high levels. Everyone who feels devotion to any of these two games / sports knows perfectly well that these are common places, not only at the highest level.

Of course, its importance increases as does the level of play of those involved and the size of the competition, although we would not err in saying that “mortal” players suffer such impostures of fate with equal frequency. And on many occasions, with greater crudeness.

What separates 8 ball pool Reward games and chess? It is clear: the execution of the game. No skill is necessary to give to the escape while 8 ball pool Rewards games is a differentiating factor between good players and teachers. 

Is 8 ball pool Rewards game more difficult then? 

Absolutely. What happens, in my humble opinion, is that that part of the game of 8 ball pool Rewards games that is based on “attacking the ball”, in chess disappears, but not to reduce the total difficulty of that activity, but to increase it, since that emptiness physical or skill / talent is still filled with a formidable and necessary intellectual development. There I believe that lies the great difference between the caroms or the embrasures and the gambitos or the kicks of the horse.

Characteristics 8 ball pool Free Coins game

That interview of the great Leontxo to Kasparov revealed to me one of the characteristics possessed exclusively by the giants of the board and the rug. The journalist asked him if he studied the defeats so as not to commit this or that mistake again.

 Kasparov answered, I believe, with a strong “NO”. Of course he looked at them, but the error appeared with relative simplicity. What I studied were the victories! “How is it possible?” Was the first thing that came to mind. 

Then I got the explanation. Winning is not enough. Chess loses the one that makes the last mistake. Kasparov assured that he was sure that he had also committed them even though he had achieved victory. 

There he had to work! To say that it left me astonished would be to underestimate the surprise that I took. What an extraordinary difficulty and not less, professionalism!

Ten years later, watching Korean players train in Oporto, I could see how they followed that scientific truth to the paroxysm. 

While at the table immediately in my position trained two of the best players in history, those Koreans from the next table insisted for an hour and a half in a carom, in its nuances, of those that we usually call “easy”. The result? To this day, Korea is the first world power in three-way pool. Something will have to do with this way of facing training and study.

Similarity of 8 ball pool cheats

The least pleasant similarity that we can highlight is none other than the enormous economic difficulties involved in both sports. We can close this issue by maintaining that there is no equivalence between the economic reward obtained by practice and success in activities of extraordinary difficulty. 

Of course many other sports will complain, and rightly so, about the same problem, but this time I emphasize this fact trying to reflect it in the sports I try to describe.

In conclusion, how nice it would be to do some work or experience shared between two disciplines with such a disproportionate common stock. 

Its inclusion in curricula is already developing in different parts of the globe. The benefits related to values ​​such as effort, respect, mathematics, intellectual development, leave no doubt that it is a field that can benefit anyone who approaches him with a desire to learn and work. 

The sponge that children are may be the field we must explore. Although in this aspect chess has a great advantage,

8 ball pool Rewards games could strive and imitate, as far as possible, the great work that is taking place around the boards in many parts of the world.

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