Game Guardian APK Download For Android & iOS Latest Version!

Have you ever used an all in one hacking app? If not, there is good news,  a group of hackers and coding enthusiasts has come forward with an awesome new application termed as Game Guardian apk. It is also an alternative to sb game hacker (a 1st generation hacking tool used by gamer’s around the globe). As of now, it works only on rooted Android and iOS devices.

Game Guardian APK

The app is available as free to download on all leading platforms such as PC, iOS, and Android. This article teaches How to install and download game guardian without any issues?  Before getting into the installation process, it is important to learn what it is & how it works?

Features of GameGuardian

  • This app is pretty much similar to cheat engine when it comes to editing values in the game memory. It supports array, float, binary, double etc. If not sure about the value, the user can set it to auto.
  • It enables the user to edit hidden values which don’t turn up on normal scans.
  • Speed hack feature was added to it during the last update. It helps to keep the values same before changed.
  • God mode can be enabled on any game with the help of a hexadecimal editor.
  • It works well with any rooted android devices, it runs on a computer via bluestacks and a dedicated iOS app is also available for it.
  • It is the only app which enables the user to hack online games without even detecting. Stealth app which gets installed along with game guardian will surely avoid detection while playing online.
  • Currently, this is the best app available to unlock every unlockable at a touch on the screen.
  • Time double feature allows the user to travel time in the game.

These are some of the unique features of gameguardian which makes it stand out from the rest of the hacking tools available on the internet. It is time to learn how to download and install game guardian on your rooted android devices.

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Game Guardian Apk Download for Android

In here we have discussed a lot on its features and properties, if you have read it thoroughly, then it is sure that you are in a hurry to learn how to download and install game guardian?

Here is the step by step procedure for Game Guardian apk for android download.

  • First of all you have to download the apk file of Game Guardian. Click on the button Below to Download Latest version Game Guardian APK.
  • Once the app is done downloading, open it and install.
  • Once the Game Guardian app is installed on your Android open it just like a regular app, and after opening the app, it will show you a popup asking for root permission.
  • Grant the permission and click on the start button to start using Game Guardian.

The installation and downloading process is as simple as cutting a piece of cake. Still, there are people who are looking out for help in doing the same. There is nothing new mentioned in here in the installation process, it is pretty much similar to any other installation process.

Still looking forward on how to use it? Then, here it is how to use the application for opening the unlockable on your favorite games.

Download Game Guardian App for PC Windows 10,8.1,8,7

It is very much easy to download, install and use the app on Android and iOS devices, but doing the same on PC is quite difficult. One should strictly follow the steps mentioned. The installation process would be pretty much similar to any other installations. In order to run Android apps and games, you would need to create an android environment. This could be easily done with the help of Android Emulators for PC. Follow the step by step instructions mentioned below for running Game guardian for PC.

  • For running Android, iOS games or apps on PC, one should have an emulator. There are tons of emulators available online. As of now, Bluestacks is the best available Android Emulator.
  • After downloading bluestacks, install it on your PC. The process is just a normal one.
  • Open BlueStacks application, and now you need Game Guardian apk to install the application. You can download it from here.
  •  Install game guardian and you are good to go.

iGameGuardian Download – For iOS / iPhone / iPad Devices

That’s all with the Android version of the application. Now, it is the iOS version which is up to discussion in here.

Game guardian for iOS is known by the name iGameguardian. Let’s learn how to download and install igameguardian on latest iOS devices.

There are basically two ways to install iGameguardian app. The first one is the official download method and the other is an unofficial method. Both methods are working well. Now, it is time to look into the features of iGameGuardian.

How to use Game Guardian on Android?

  • After installation, open it by tapping on the icon.
  • Open game guardian and press the home button to minimize the application.
  • Open the game which you want to hack, wait till you see the game guardian icon, once it appears, attach it to the game which you want to hack.
  • Now tap on the search button on the app and start setting values. If one is not aware of the values, it is advised to set it in the auto mode. This automatically assigns the required value.
  • One can also search for values on the internet and start assigning it manually. There will be different values available for health, gems, and life.
  • A user gets tons of values from the internet, most of them will be too long. This may even cause the game to crash frequently. To decrease values, you need to go back to the game and spend some money on buying coins. Thereby reducing frequent crashes.
  • You can even speed up the game or slower the game at your will using Speedhack feature which was introduced recently.

There are hundreds of videos available on YouTube explaining how to use the game guardian app to increase coins and gems. Do watch it before trying it. One can also use his own hack script or trainers while using this app. It is also considered to be the safest hacking tool available while playing games online. The only downside is that it works only with rooted android devices.

Game Guardian Working Games List

Game Guardian app works perfectly on most offline games and some online server based games as well. So below is the list of games that we have found game guardian working on.

  • Angry Birds (offline)
  • Angry Birds 2 (offline)
  • Angry Birds 2 (online version)
  • Asphalt 8
  • Badland
  • Basketball
  • Beach buggy blitz
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Cafe Racer
  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Candy Crush Soda
  • Cars
  • Car Adventures
  • Caves (Roguelike)
  • Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare
  • Dead Trigger 2
  • DemonSouls (Action RPG)
  • Demon hunt 2: the legend of archer
  • Despicable Me
  • Dragon’s Blade
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Gangstar Vegas
  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Hill Climb Racing 2
  • Hitman
  • Hitman Sniper
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Kingdom Quest: Crimson Warden
  • Knight of Pen and Paper 2
  • Linear Quest
  • Ludo Bing (offline)
  • Ludo Bing (online)
  • Ludo King (online)
  • Merchants of Space: Galactic Outpost Strategy
  • Mini Militia
  • Mission impossible
  • Mystic Guardian : Old School Action RPG
  • Need for Speed
  • Plants vs. Zombies
  • Six Guns
  • Smash hit
  • Sniper fury
  • Spaceship V
  • Space STG II – Death Rain
  • Space City: building game
  • Spider-man ultimate
  • Stickman Legends – Ninja Hero: Knight, Shooter RPG
  • Subway surfer
  • Super Mario Run
  • Temple Run
  • Temple run 2
  • Traffic rider
  • TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight
  • Unfinished Mission

There are few things to be noted down before hacking your favorite game.

  • The Developer has the right to ban you from playing online or from using their server.
  • No legal actions can be taken against the user as he/she is editing on his/her side. The values get changed on his/her mobile.
  • The game may get crashed for no reason as you have edited the script.
  • The user can even save memory locations or calculate memory locations while running this application.

Still having a problem with the installation process? Please do contact us through the comment section or through the contact us page. We are always ready to help you. Do check out our related posts on the application before contacting us because you may find the fix over there. Subscribe us and stay tuned with us for further updates.

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