How to get 8 Ball Pool Cue Legendary free


How to get 8 Ball Pool Cue Legendary free

As one of the best-selling games on Facebook,  Miniclip officially launched the 8 Ball Pool game for mobile devices so that players can enjoy it via a smartphone.

Just like online billiard games in general, where you can compete against players from all over the world to invite your own friends. The gameplay offered by 8 Ball Pool is also quite simple and easy to learn.

Speaking of gameplay, one of the things that affect the course of the 8 ball pool rewards game is the billiard stick you have. Yes, the more expensive the stick you buy through the shop,

the better the quality, both in terms of strength, aim, and so on.

One of the scariest and most hunted sticks by the 8 Ball Pool players is Legendary Cue. How to get it is not easy.

 But this time we gave tips on how to get 8 Ball Pool Legendary Cue or legendary sticks for free.

You need to know, legendary sticks that are available at the shop cannot be opened or purchased instantly. 

In the shop itself, Miniclip offers an option to purchase legendary sticks with purchases through cash in the Legendary Box for 19 cash for 1 box, or 43 cash for 3 boxes.

To get that much cash, you can go through it in several ways. Here’s the review.

Through the Free Cash with Offers feature

Enter the 8 Ball Pool rewards game through your smartphone device.

After being in the game, tap the Shop button located next to the profile column.

Look at the top right corner, tap the ” + ” button in the cash column you have.

Then tap the 8 ball pool Free cash with Offers button. 

Then choose Free cash with Offers (TopJoy) or the More Free Cash Offers.

If you have chosen one of them, you can just follow the instructions provided. Whether it’s installing applications, running games, all of them offer different cash amounts.

Finished. Now you can get large amounts of cash in an easy way.

Through Weekly Competition Victory

Interestingly, from the 8 Ball Pool game, users can compete to get the most coins within one week. Well, this competition itself covers the type of league (level), friends, country, to the world.

However, cash prizes are only given to players who get the most coins from 1 to 3. And here is a list of the prizes obtained from weekly competition wins at 8 Ball Pool.

Well, that’s the prize you will get if you successfully occupy the most coins in the weekly competition. Really big, isn’t the cash prize? Eat as many coins as possible so you can get large amounts of free cash.

Through Increase Level

As a token of appreciation because you have switched to a level higher, then the Miniclip provide compensation in the form of cash. If you are diligent in playing, then the possibility of leveling up will be fast. With that, the more cash you get.

Well, this is where you take advantage of these free cash rewards for various purposes, especially to open the Legendary Box. In order to quickly level up at 8 Ball Pool, you have to play at a table with big bets to get a large XP gain too.


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