How To Unban 8 Ball Pool Account – How To Re-open 8 Ball Pool Facebook Account 2019 || Read Carefully

unban 8 ball pool

How To Unban 8 Ball Pool Account – How To Re-open 8 Ball Pool Facebook Account 2019|| Read Carefully

Hi, Guys in this post I will teach you How to unban 8 ball pool Account but before there are few chances to get back your 8 ball pool Account.

Never to use any kind of mod or app.

Don’t try any kind of modification in 8 ball pool.

unban 8 ball pool

8 Ball Pool account banned by mistake please help me mini clip.

Unfortunately, 8 ball pool account was banned because Mini clip tracked Multiple spammy attempts from your 8 ball pool account. Spam includes trying to Transfer coins and cash to other third party modifiers.

I know you have some questions regarding this, kindly take a look to provided information:

I was the ban on 8 ball pool but I didn’t use third-party apps or transfer coins or rewards!

Mini clip have a very wonderful system that catch and remove the players from 8 ball pool game when there is no solid proof of spam. Only these which is permanently banned or blocked by Mini Clip.

Can I see proof?

The mini clip will note share its tools and method to any other modifiers.

Someone playing with my 8 ball pool account, that wasn’t me!

The privacy of each account is the responsibility of game account owner as per the Mini clip 8 ball pool term and conditions.

I can’t receive any warning!

Mini clip 8 ball pool have the right to block your account without any warning.

Can I reopen 8 ball pool account, unlink it from my Facebook id or remove my email id?

If your account was permanently banned by mini clip then you can’t reopen, delete the account. The email associated with the blocked account you can’t use for create a new login.

Can I purchase? is there anything you can do for me?

Maybe Mini clip except for offer to credit purchases made in last 90 days in the banned account by Miniclip into a new 8 ball pool account (created in the past 3 days).

For this function, you just need to create brand new ticket where you will add this title “Transfer purchases from banned account” and Add in the ticket both your receipts and your new 8 ball pool ID.

Please note Miniclip 8 ball pool will need the screenshots of the full purchase receipts of payment. Only receipts for which Miniclip receive will be credited onto the new account and Miniclip will only credit cash and coins, no other items, credited will be on cash/coins.

Check the given link that helps you get all the information you need:clich here for coins

You can also submit your request to unban your account on the given link:

clich here for coins

let’s try maybe it will work for you.

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