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Tutu App apk is an iOS helper app that provides hack games and premium apps for Android and iOS without jailbreaking or rooting the device. Simply put, TutuApp APK is an Android & iOS App store that provides FREE games/apps that are otherwise paid or need jailbreaking. Download the latest version of Tutu App APK and enjoy with millions of ready made apps and games without verifying with Google Play Store or Apple ID. As of 2017, Tutu App Download is only available for iOS [iPhone, iPad, iPod touch], Android and Windows PC. Download TutuApp from below and follow the installation instructions provided.

TutuApp APK

Note: Tutu Helper is not available on Google Play Store, iTunes or Microsoft stores. As modifying games/apps is against Community guidelines of app stores, it is not available in any of the stores. You must only download Tutu APK from below.

You can install Tutu for Free if you are using any of these operating systems.

  • Tutu for Android [Android 4.4+ i.e., Android KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo]
  • Tutu for PC [Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10]
  • Tutu for iOS [iOS 7.0 and higher]


Download Tutu App for iOS and TutuApp APK for free just with a simple click. As Tutu is an app downloaded from external sources, there are some security settings and methods you must follow in Android, Windows and PC to install Tutu Helper App.

Tip 1: Scan the above QR code with your mobile phone to download TutuApp apk directly without any link. The QR code will detect your device and sends the correct download file.

​Tip 2: Click the button and Go to the Tutu download page. Choose any OS and click the download button to get Tutu Helper on your Android, iOS and Windows devices. Please make sure that you are installing Tutu on compatible operating systems.

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This app is so awesome. Download Jailbreak free apps and games for iOS, Android, Windows PC with Tutu Helper. Download TutuApp here.



Download thousands of hack apps for iOS and Android for free. Also access premium apps and games from app stores and download for free.


Tutu Helper helps turn your mobile into a beautifully customized device with the collection of your favorite apps.


Download apps without logging into Apple Store (or) Google Play Store. Direct download links available without Apple ID or Gmail ID


All the iOS apps available on Tutu are Jailbreak free. If you’re a beginner on iOS, Tutu will help you download Free hack/mod apps.

  • Experience safe and secure downloads with the latest version of Tutu Helper App. All apps/games are modified for security.
  • Get fast download speeds for apps and games with TutuApp APK for Android. Also connect to Android Tablets.
  • ​Downloads FREE apps without jailbreaking your iPhone. Also we never ask for your Apple ID for any downloads. All installations are Jailbreak free and login free for iOS Apps.
  • Different versions available for each operating systems. Download Tutu VIP for iOS, Tutu APK for Android and Tutu PC for Windows computers.


  • As Tutu is compatible with Android/iOS/Windows, there are different methods of installing for each operating system. You can find the download links and installing tutorials for each OS on the download page.
  • Click on ‘Download TutuApp’ button on the homepage.
  • Select any OS to see Tutu App installation and download links. 
  • Download TutuApp for iOS.
  • Download Tutu APK for Android.
  • Download TutuApp Pokemon Go for free.


Download Tutu APK - Feature screenshot


Tutu is the world’s number one iOS, Android and Windows app helper tool that allows users to download free hack/premium mod apps on their mobile phones. Here are the 4 best features of Tutu VIP helper.

  • Download Thousands of Free and paid apps with single click.
  • No Jailbreak needed and No login needed for iOS Apps.
  • Enjoy high speed downloads only with Tutu Helper for iOS
  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows PC.


As Tutu is a 3rd party app, the default Android system will not allow installation of external apps on your mobile/tablet. A small change in security settings will allow APKs to be installed on Android. Follow these steps to install latest version of TutuApp APK for Android.

TutuApp APK installation settings on Android

Go to Menu>Settings>Security. Tick ‘Unknown sources’ box there.

Note: If you’ve already installed APK files on your computer, you need not repeat this step as the settings will be already enabled.

  • Download latest version of Tutu APK v2.3.18.
  • After download, go to mobile Menu>Settings>Security.
  • Here search for ‘Allow installation of apps from unknown sources/non-market apps’ option and tick the box beside it.
  • This will enable 3rd party installations. Now find the Tutu APK download file via File explorer and click on it to install.


  1. How to trust TutuApp?

The number of users that search for the app in Google are 4,090,000/mo. Yes. that’s a huge number. The dedicated and satisfied users reviews and word of mouth made this possible.

2. Is Tutu iOS helper available for Mac?

No. But you can download the ‘iOS version’ and use a simulator/iOS emulator like ‘Xcode’ and run Tutu on Android. You must also use apps and games downloaded from Tutu on the same emulator. Get the best experience from the recommended devices.

3. How to access Tutu App store?

You can find latest apps/games by category in the app store. From the homepage, go to apps section to access app store. Sort by preference.

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