TutuApp for iOS | Download Tutu Helper for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

TutuApp for iOS: We all know how easy it is to download third party apps and games on Android mobiles. But if you’ve used and iOS device, you will know the limitations of app security in iOS devices. There are two operating systems in Apple Tech. One is iOS with iPhone, iPad and iPods and another is MacOS with MacBooks and iMacs. Today, we will show you how to download Tutu for iOS i.e., TutuApp for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it’s amazing features. Please note that iPod touch variant is only compatible to run apps and games.

TutuApp for iOS

TutuApp for iOS is also called as Tutu VIP Helper or Tutu iOS Helper. The app claims itself as the best iOS helper which is 100% true. Tutu is the only app for iOS that provides free apps, games without jailbreak or Apple ID. To users who don’t know, Jailbreaking is a method to add certification to each third party app which we want to install on our iOS device. If any app doesn’t have certification, it isn’t allowed to be installed. Tutu iOS Helper provides a flexible way to download free games for iOS without jailbreaking and Apple ID.

This version is only compatible with iOS devices. To install on Android, please download TutuApp APK latest version.


Just like we need APK files to install third party files on Android, we need .ipa files to install third party apps on iOS. TutuApp converts all games/apps into ipa files and allows us to download for free. As all files are now compatible and will have a TutuApp certification, you can easily install unlimited apps and games on your iPhone and iPad. TutuApp provides safe download files that don’t install any malware on your Apple device. Also this app is very useful if you are using iOS devices that aren’t connected to Apple ID.

Jailbreaking is also not needed when using TutuApp. Even if you jailbreak your iPhone to install Cydia or any custom ROM, it won’t effect the performance of Tutu iOS Helper. The below download file and installation are for the free version of TutuApp for iOS.

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Free paid app: Tutu Helper has both VIP installer and free installer. We can use the free installer for beginners but if you want to download premium apps, you must be a member of Tutu VIP.

No Apple ID/Jailbreak: All the apps and games downloaded from TutuApp can be installed directly without entering Apple ID. Jailbreak is also not needed as all apps have TutuApp certification.

Fast downloads: Enjoy fast download speeds for unlimited apps depending on your internet connection. All apps are saved directly in Tutu dashboard.

Free Apps/Games: Download modified premium apps and games like Mortal combat, Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and many premium apps for free.


As iPhones and iPads are very secure, installing third party files won’t be easy. But installing TutuApp is easy to download via QR code. There is a chance of your iOS device denying the installation of ipa file due to security issues. You can download directly by scanning the QR code below.

Option 1: Open your front/rear camera and scan the QR code above while your iOS device is connected to the internet. If your camera doesn’t detect the code, you can install any QR code reader from iTunes and then scan the code. Once detected, TutuApp will be downloaded via Safari browser. Once the file is downloaded, you will get installed blocked message. Please follow the below steps afterwards.

Option 2: If you have a missing camera, you can always visit the button above and download the ipa file from MediaFire secure server. Download TutuApp ipa file for iOS devices running iOS 10.11 and higher (iPhone 5+ recommended)


  • Scan the QR code above while connected to internet and download TutuApp on device.
  • Go to Settings>General>Profiles and Device Management.
  • Look for any new profiles that are added. You will find one from TutuApp media.
  • Click on the certificate and choose ‘Install’. The new profile will be added in Device management.
  • TutuApp icon will be now installed on your iPhone and iPad home screen.
  • Click on the icon to start the app and download free apps/games.

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